What is Awareness Work?

Awareness Work is a compassionate style of counselling and psychotherapy designed to support you to create positive change in your life. Over a lifetime, upsets and difficulties naturally accumulate, until we begin the process of dismantling these difficulties through inner work. This is done through gentle enquiry with a qualified counsellor, trained in the specific methods that will help you to move beyond these problems to create a life more aligned with your values and vision.

Awareness Work sees personal difficulties as part of the growth process and supports you to connect with the learning opportunities contained within your challenges. Awareness Work helps you to re-connect with the possibility that you are innately good and that life is inherently good. AW challenges some of the assumptions of patriarchal Western Culture including the premise that individuals are “broken” and offers a supportive holistic framework within which healing is rapid and easeful.

What Therapeutic Theories Inform Awareness Work?

Awareness Work is informed and influenced by a range of established therapeutic schools and theories. Some of these include person-centred counselling, narrative therapy, internal family systems therapy, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, feminist therapy, eco-psychology, positive psychology and transpersonal psychology.

Some Key Characteristics of Awareness Work

  • Acknowledges that people are already “good” and “whole” rather than “broken”.
  • Recognises that there is growth and learning in life’s challenges.
  • Empowers self-trust and self-guidance.
  • Adopts a non-blaming attitude. “The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.” (Narrative therapy).
  • Regards individual work as a powerful contribution towards collective change.
  • Works with nature principles and metaphors to guide growth.
  • Understands that individual problems have social, political, cultural and historical influences.
  • Accepts that problems can be passed on from the family of origin (inter-generational trauma).
  • Sees each person as unique (diversity) and uses a strengths-based approach.
  • Holds that life is interconnected and personally meaningful (holistic model).
  • Acknowledges a Self (capital S) amidst dysfunctional parts. (Internal family systems therapy).
  • Works towards the vision of a world based on environmental consciousness, social justice and enlightened living.


Common benefits of Awareness Work include…

  • Inner stability.
  • Deep self-trust.
  • Self-understanding.
  • Self-love.
  • Better relationships.
  • Empowerment.
  • Less self-blame/self-hate.
  • More purpose and direction in life.
  • Trust in life.
  • Less mental health symptoms like anxiety, social anxiety and depression.
  • Resolution of trauma.
  • Healing of childhood difficulties.
  • An increasing ability to thrive and enjoy life.
  • The ability to handle life challenges.

Awareness Work is designed to help you resolve old upsets. Everyone has these upsets until they are consciously worked through. Being able to work through difficulties and “turn lead into gold” creates relief and trust in life. As you work through old baggage, you naturally develop an appreciation for the positive aspects of who you are. As upsets are resolved, purpose and life direction emerge. Life becomes exciting and fulfilling.

We look forward to working with you.


“Do your own inner work and watch the world change.”

– Lisa Darveniza