The common benefits of AW include…

An ability to feel more stable within yourself in a
modern environment that is increasingly fast paced

A deeper sense of self-trust

An ability to hear your own inner guidance & act upon it

A clearer understanding & love for your Self

An increased love for others

An increased sense of personal power

Less self-blame

More direction in life

More trust in life

Better relationships

Less mental health symptoms like anxiety,
social anxiety & depression

Resolution of addictions

Resolution of trauma & childhood upsets

The ability to handle life’s challenges

An emerging ability to thrive & enjoy life

In short AW gives you the confidence and understanding to be your best self and the tools to work through life challenges as they arise. AW is designed to help you free up old upsets that you haven’t been able to get through. Everyone has these old upsets until they are consciously worked through. It is very important that these old upsets are resolved as they usually don’t go away by themselves. AW helps you to have fresh understanding about these old difficulties and gain new perspectives from a higher level. This creates inner peace and freedom.

AW also importantly teaches you how to become aware of and cope with the bad behaviour of others around you who are acting out of their own wounds.

You will discuss the specifics of your life and difficulties with your AW therapist so you can create some powerful counselling goals that are unique to your situation.

Being able to discuss your difficulties honestly with a trained and compassionate AW therapist creates relief, healing and a new trust in life.

We look forward to working with you.

“You may rediscover hopes and dreams that were put on hold or
denied, and gain a new appreciation for yourself and vitality for life..”

– Lisa Darveniza