‘Stabilising in the Self’

Our Powerful 6 Month Course.

Imagine being supported therapeutically week by week, to finally discover the exact barriers that hold you back in life, so that you can permanently shift towards personal empowerment and a more positive life experience.

The Teacher and Founder

Lisa Darveniza

This very successful program was developed by acclaimed psychotherapist, growth work teacher and founder of Awareness Work, Lisa Darveniza, who spent 25 years investigating and clinically trialling the best methods and theories to help clients powerfully move beyond habitual personal difficulties, trauma and limitation.

Lisa spent 10 years on a global pilgrimage where she apprenticed to the best growth work teachers available from Western, Eastern and indigenous paradigms. Lisa holds a Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy and weaves together her training, study and successful experience with hundreds of clients, to compassionately support groups in a deep, progressive and gentle transformational program.

To date ALL the participants who have undertaken the program have achieved and exceeded the specific life changes they were looking for!


The modern world is in a state of extreme global transition whereby traditional cultural supports have fragmented.


Not only are we suffering from individual problems and trauma at unprecedented levels, we commonly hold cultural and familial (inter-generational) stress that makes true resolution of our problems and self-understanding harder and harder to find. Sadly, this picture of personal suffering has become the norm rather than the exception.

However, we also have the individual opportunity to leverage this moment in history towards a personal evolutionary leap forward-towards a higher state of being-one where we are more aligned with who we are, in the most positive sense.

Unfortunately, much personal development and many therapies fail to shift these issues permanently, instead giving short lived solutions and only temporary results. Relate?

Lisa Darveniza has designed this comprehensive and effective program to provide all the teaching, processes and support you will need to walk your way, step by gentle step, out of long-term personal suffering to stabilise in a more positive experience of Self and life, that truly reflect your values and goals.

What Do I Get?

• A weekly 2-hour LIVE Zoom session facilitated by Lisa Darveniza and her team.

This weekly Zoom session includes group work, the presentation of a key concept each week, and the opportunity to work in intimate groups of 2-3 participants, integrating the learning into your specific life situations. This session is LIVE not pre-recorded. Over 50 hours of Zoom time.

• A 15-minute individual phone session every 2nd week to breakthrough emerging barriers.

• Up to 30 hours of partner work outside of Zoom times for dismantling of core barriers.

• Weekly homework practice.

• A recommended reading list.

• Access to the Awareness Work Telegram channel for additional content and ongoing group communication.

• PDF summaries of group content sent to your inbox each week.

• Special guest facilitators sharing specific expertise.

What you will gain from this program.

  • The importance of boundaries and how to hold them, for your increasing well-being.

  • The true beauty and power of the Self and what it is capable of.

  • How to listen to the somatic cues of the body to navigate life more ease-fully.

  • How to develop deep self-trust.

  • The gaps in awareness you individually hold that stop you flowing and enjoying life.

  • The importance of self-care and how to establish a nourishing self-care routine.

  • How to release and process core trauma, upsets and relationship problems that have consistently weighed you down, to become freer, happier and more stable.

  • How to hold space for yourself and others in all situations, so that you feel empowered in life.

  • How to contact and connect with your basic goodness.

  • The difference between your problems and your Self and how to increasingly anchor into the Self.

  • How to move out of a victim position for more empowerment and peace.

And much more…

This program is offered only once per year.

  • Due to being a LIVE program spaces are VERY limited. In 2022 we will only take 36 participants with a maximum of 12 participants per group.

  • 100% of graduates report improvement in most areas.

  • 95% of participants achieved their goals and more.

  • “All true change begins with a leap into the unknown. A leap of faith.”

  • There are clear course pre-requisites to be able to participate in this course. We have an application process that ensures you meet the course criteria.

Course Pre-requisites

You are ready for life change.

You are willing to prioritise the program for its duration.

You are committed to completing all aspects of the program.

You want to support others in their process and learn how to do this.

You have the maturity to take responsibility for your own process.

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“You may rediscover hopes and dreams that were put on hold or
denied, and gain a new appreciation for yourself and vitality for life..”

– Lisa Darveniza