The 6 month Course is for those clients who resonate deeply with the Awareness Work concepts, and are committed and passionate about inner work. This course is facilitated by Lisa Darveniza and covers the Awareness Work concepts at a whole new depth, plus introducing many more perspectives designed to powerfully shift you towards personal empowerment. The supportive environment of the course accelerates the change process as deep connections are made with like-minded peers. This is often described as a life-changing experience.

(If you haven’t already, please book a discovery call for the 6 month course so we can discuss your eligibility.)

We meet weekly on Zoom for 2 hours

•The course is facilitated by Awareness Work founder, Lisa Darveniza.

•A new concept is presented each week

•We work at a group level + within small groups of 2-3

•Individual support is given outside of the group

•Partner work is undertaken outside of the group

•Psychotherapeutic and growth work principles are used to guide the group

•Deep connections are made.

•This is a life changing experience with the over riding goal being a much stronger

connection with your Self.

The next 6 Month Course starts end of January, 2021. Spaces are very limited for this course because it is All Live-with no pre-recorded material. This group is only for those very committed to growth work.

We look forward to working with you.

Couples & Relatives

$540 dep


$600 dep


$450 dep
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Important payment information for The 6 Month Online Course

The first payment will be a deposit to secure your spot in the course.

You will then be sent an email including a payment schedule,

where you will be able to pay for the remaining balance on a monthly basis.

“You may rediscover hopes and dreams that were put on hold or
denied, and gain a new appreciation for yourself and vitality for life..”

– Lisa Darveniza