Everything discussed within an individual session is strictly confidential.For group work all participants agree to confidentiality. In group work, facilitators share client information for the benefit of participant outcome.

Legally, the only exceptions to this exist when a client intends harm to self or another or counselling notes are subpoenaed by a court of law.

Yes. Awareness Work is a direct route to achieving your goals as removing blockages facilitates your growth and clarifies your direction.

All AW therapists are formally trained and qualified as counsellors within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as well as being trained within the Awareness Work model. See The Team for fuller bios.

A series of regular sessions is recommended to achieve your change. Your therapist will discuss frequency and duration according to your particular needs.

AW is delivered online via Zoom.

Unfortunately, the profession of counselling and psychotherapy are not covered by Medicare rebate or private health insurance. This is a loss for society as it limits access to care outside of the medical model. Professional counselling associations continue to lobby to be recognized as front line health care workers.

Counselling and psychotherapy are professions that are multi-disciplinary and span many fields of study. Psychology and psychiatry are fields that have developed from science and the western medical model over the last 150 years. Counsellors/psychotherapists usually view human problems as a normal part of the human experience and support individuals to navigate life experiences. Whereas the medical model tends to see people in terms of health or disease and favours a system of diagnosis to treat mental and emotional difficulties. Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors who specialise in the diagnose and pharmaceutical treatment of mental illness. The line between counsellors and psychologists is blurred and crosses over in many places. There are over 400 different schools of counselling theory.

Sessions run for up to 50 minutes.

Yes. AW sessions are available internationally via Zoom.
Contact us to book a time that works for both time zones.

“Transformation is a trustworthy process held and guided by the benevolent forces of nature.”

– Lisa Darveniza