“Before commencing in the 6-month ‘Stabilising in the Self’ course I was feeling incredibly lost and unsteady. It’s safe to say that I was feeling somewhat numb and unhappy within my what would seem very happy life. I was seeking direction, guidance and support to help me navigate the difficult, heavy, and on some days very dark feelings that I was experiencing. Having always held a positive and optimistic outlook on life it was disturbing to me that I was having such feelings of helplessness, without any clear direction of how to shift this.

Having now completed the 6 month ‘Stabilising in the Self’ course, my life has changed beyond what I had expected. The skills and concepts that I have learnt have not only helped me feel completely stable within myself, but have strengthened my Self-love, Self-confidence, and Self-knowing to a place I never thought I’d get to.

The 6 month ‘Stabilising in the Self’ course has quite literally saved my life. What I have learnt will remain in my practice forever as I continue to navigate life. I’ve never believed that we as humans should navigate life alone. This course has provided the learnings and guidance that every single human should have access to. I can’t thank Lisa and Will enough for facilitating such a deep and transformative program. I am forever grateful.”