Awareness Work has helped me to know my true Self. The title is perfect because I do feel Stabilised in the Self. I feel like the trunk of a sturdy old tree. I have always known, felt  an inner strength, always seen my light shining although now the difference is that I embody this light. This knowing has gone from my head into my body & heart. Following the guidance of the Self was a key concept. Being able to check in with Self, and believe, trust her answers creates a stability I have found and continue to tap into each moment. I see so much clearer everything going on around me. I can listen to myself and others more fully. The baggage concept of course was AMAZING to learn in a way that is clear and life changing. Once I could see baggage as baggage in myself , and then in others…wow…major shift. It really is the key… or one of them. Holding boundaries and stepping away from co-dependent relationships with ease and love. I have gained a visceral level of knowing…To say what I want to say, not what others want to hear. I feel strong, centred, free to explore, to be me in the true Self. Many large significant puzzle pieces which have been floating around on the table have been put into place.