“Words alone cannot express the intense gratitude I feel for Lisa and the profound shifts that have occurred in my life since I began working with her.

Over 20 years of conventional ‘therapy’ with psychologists, social workers and counselors haven’t initiated the unraveling of my issues the way Lisa’s work has in 8 months.

I feel that I am finally sorting through and healing issues that have been with me my entire life.

These shifts are saving my marriage, improving my relationships with my boys, my former husband and his wife, family, friends, workmates and strangers.

Improving my ability to see and fulfill my life purpose. Literally improving my financial situation and most importantly for the first time in my life giving me hope for my future and the sense that I am loved, loveable and not broken irreparably.

Awareness work is real and happens on a deep level. Providing insights and profound change.

With Lisa always striving to uncover your true, pure, beautiful nature you will at times be challenged by her strong guidance and unyielding honesty. But it’s worth accepting the challenge and trusting that Lisa will lovingly guide you to a better place. Really. Nothing has ever helped me before.

Thank you and bless you Lisa from the depths of my soul.”