“When I set the intentions and goals at the start of the course, trying to understand what I wanted to achieve, I would have never imagined that in six months my life would have changed forever. This course offered me the possibility of working with my shadows in a supported environment with the help of Lisa, Will and the rest of the participants, who provided a safe space to do so. Shadow work is not easy work, but it arrived in a decisive moment in my life, when I could not ignore anymore what my true Self was screaming, hidden underneath layers and layers of dysfunction, trauma, codependence and self doubt. Being held in such a safe therapeutic environment, allowed me to look into my own dysfunctions and shadows in order to dismantle poisonous belief systems through compassion and loving kindness. Dismantling such systems and working with your own shadow can feel very destabilising, but I had to follow my intuitions to understand that what is painful sometimes is necessary to create anew. Although I am still integrating what I’ve learned and I am in a crucial stage of transformation, exiting my cocoon and entering what I feel it is a third life, I could have never got here without this course. This incredible process is allowing me to let go of self doubt and codependence, making space for something new, scary and beautiful: the true power of the Self, and the possibility to heal not just for my own well being but with the intention of bringing into the world my talents and services.”