“For people who have tried various forms of personal therapy but have been frustrated by a lack of progress in their healing process, I would highly recommend trying Awareness Work and the 6 Month Therapy Course developed and run by Lisa Darveniza.”

Drawing from her many years of training and experience, Lisa has crafted a unique healing program that melds teachings from Western, Eastern, and indigenous paradigms into a coherent and powerful whole which can lead to truly transformative experiences.
Each week we learned the theory behind and ways of implementing a foundational concept
in self-awareness, that when combined with other foundational concepts over the entire 6
month program, provided a pathway to real and lasting progress in self-empowerment and
release from personal suffering. I always found the weekly teachings dense in wisdom, but
clear and easily understood. And I was amazed at how deeply the teachings resonated with
my own perspective and perception of the way forward. The teachings continue to be a
resource for learning and practice.
Lastly, Lisa’s guided meditation tool on embracing difficult feelings and emotions has
perhaps been the single greatest aid in my healing process. She gently helps the listener
move towards difficult emotions, aiding in the processing and release of suffering. For those
interested, the guided meditation can be found on the Insight Timer app.