“My experience in this course has been one that I will forever hold close to my heart. I will never be the same again. Steadily, Lisa (and Will!) have held us in a safe and sacred space for the past 6 months.

Lisa has a high level of integrity and her commitment to seeing and revealing the best in everyone is a driving force of this work. Lisa’s wisdom and work is of a mastery level and it has been an honour to learn from such a courageous, intelligent and graceful guide. Will, assisting Lisa, brought consistent support and unique insight to my journey that allowed me to see what I needed to see at each turn.

I have felt myself stretch and change and I now know myself at a much deeper level now.

I have gained a trust in my own wisdom, in knowing how to navigate my life from a place of truth, a place of understanding and steadiness.

During the course I moved a huge amount of dysfunctional patterning that has been holding me back for many years, maybe my whole life. I have learned to see the relationships in my world and my relationship to all of life from a much greater perspective, depth and understanding. I have developed the ability to be guided from within whilst also learning from and trusting the lessons that life brings my way.

I am now a more whole version of myself who can accept and face challenges with more ease and acceptance. I can speak my truth, navigate conflict with more resilience and less reactivity. I am a better person because of this course. Forever grateful”