“This course is like a road map to life, it has guided me back home to myself in a way that words cannot describe. I have reconnected to my essence, the essence of others and the essence of life in such a profound way.
Lisa and Will are the most skilled facilitators. Honestly masters.
They hold a space that is grounded, truthful and full of love. Every little detail rings true, Thought about and executed with the finest precision.
Honestly it’s the most life changing course.
A course that connects you to life’s deepest truths, which lie within us all.
It is an initiation, a journey, a mountain, and Honestly, In these times, this course has provided an anchor and direction for me in ways that I cannot describe.
Each week- A portal of awareness, friendship, healing, growth, connection, truth and purpose were present.
I am so deeply grateful for this experience. And I will absolutely be sure to join in another 6month course.”