“Awareness work has transformed my life. Before working with Lisa I had been trying to ‘fix’ myself for years, through reading ‘self-help’ books, meditating, and various forms of natural therapy. While all of these things were beneficial, I was finding that while I would often feel better for a little while, the same blocks and patterns would come up again and again leave me feeling powerless to be able to move my life in the direction I desired.
Since beginning work with Lisa last year, I have been able to shift some really deep core beliefs and create lasting changes in my life. This has had a flow on effect into all areas of my life and has dramatically improved my relationships, my health, my career and my finances, but most importantly my inner sense of self worth and clarity about who I am and my path forward. The crippling anxiety and lack of self confidence I used to feel on a daily basis only surfaces occasionally and I now have the tools to move through these feelings quickly when they do arise. I experience so much more joy on a daily basis, and feel like I am finally free to move torwards my potential and create a life that feels true to me. I am eternally grateful for Lisa and the work she does in the world.”