“Working with Lisa has been a mind blown game changer for me. She has opened my eyes to simplicity and realness; a beyond effective and easeful way of being. I was someone who thought I was doing the ‘work’. I hadn’t mastered it by any means but I felt I was doing ok in it; willing to look at my confronts and dive in. But I was in a spin of processing and had taken on many New Age philosophies that were controlling me and keeping me contained. Lisa saw me immediately and her work completely turned everything on its head in the most freeing and expansive way. I had worked with another psychotherapist for two years prior to coming to Lisa, and what she did for me across two sessions was almost more powerful than those two years had been, as they had kept me in a behaviour of processing that wasn’t freeing me. Lisa’s awareness and way of working is the way forward. The space she holds cuts through the bullshit and I find myself in awe everytime. Lisa has challenged me and kept me safe, simultaneously, which I am beyond grateful for and now find myself craving as it brings more and more growth, each time. I can’t thank Lisa enough for her wisdom, care, knowing and profound awareness. Her willingness to do her work, so we can do our work, is second to none! And because of that, I am breathing, fully, again.”