“It gave me stability and a reference point to work through many things I had not been able to see and sort through.”

The Awareness Work 6 Month Course was my first time in therapy.  Of all the kinds of
therapy I could have started with, I’m so glad that I chose this program!
I knew I wanted to avoid getting a diagnosis or prescription, and instead hoped to develop a
mental health toolset I could continue to build on after the program ended. The design of
this course comes from a  holistic mindset of healing by thoroughly exploring
and  understanding all aspects of difficulties—something I’ve struggled to do for years
without much guidance. It teaches skills and concepts to approach present/future
challenges, while also healing past upsets and shifting patterns of thinking to make change
and growth more accessible.
The program was everything I hoped it would be, and much more that I didn’t imagine!
Being  part of a group brought in so many other perspectives, which often helped me
understand the lessons and engage with them. For my budget, it was a significant
investment, and I found that the hours of teaching, therapeutic sessions, and support each
week was quite affordable at the price.
From the beginning of the class, I learned something each week that applied to my life. The
relationships I have with family, friends, and new people I meet have expanded. I feel more
confidence and hope, and I’m learning to experience and connect with emotions more
freely.  By acknowledging discomfort or awkwardness, I’m able to try things that were
unapproachable before. I’ve also started to live with anger in a healthier way—something
that has been a painful puzzle for years.
I’ve noticed that I am reading more nonfiction (most of my reading used to be speculative
fiction and fantasy.) I think this is because I’ve realized I do have the power to change
things. Instead of wanting to distract myself by immersing in another world, I’m curious
about what I can learn and do and find in this one.  More than anything, my ability to listen

to and rely on myself is so much stronger. This feels like a precious gift—so important for
shaping the goals and dreams I have.
If I could write to myself just before I made the decision to take the class (or to anyone who
is at that point) I would say, please set aside the time and money to do this now! It will open
up your life (even the parts of the past that might feel inaccessible or frightening). It will free
you up to be present in the world. It gave me stability and a reference point to work
through many things I had not been able to see and sort through. Choosing to take this
course now, when I am in the process of setting a course for myself and my career, has been
an amazing opportunity. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to start on the healing work
many members of my family never had access to, and I’m excited to continue that process!