“Lisa has enabled me to get myself stable and on a clear track to living a very fruitful, connected and aware life.I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for many many years and got to a point where I was completely wiped, stuck and just couldn’t go on the way I was and needed help. I was done. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just be that way forever and that I was really at the bottom with no hope. I am now so thrilled and relieved to say I am no longer trapped under the heavy blanket of depression and desperate fear.
Lisa is incredibly gifted and supportive and through our conversations and the tools she has shown me I am coping and flourishing on a daily basis. When the onset of old habits and feelings appear I am able to move through them quickly and then continue on with the life I wish to lead. I am no longer fearful of the day to day and am able to cope with many situations that would have thrown me over the edge in the past. Her approach is nurturing, deeply insightful and works from a place of truthfulness and knowledge to shift perspective so you can become more solid in your self.
I am incredibly grateful to lisa as I know I would still be stuck if I hadn’t met her. I encourage anyone to seek her help and knowledge if they are feeling lost and vulnerable in their life.’ “