“I found myself, my real wise self, under all the baggage.”

One of the dearest people in my life recommended I take part in the 6MC of Awareness Work. I wasn’t hesitant and readily signed up – until life hit a curve ball and I wondered if I
could commit. It was a struggle for me, because my ego told me I had more pressing things
to tackle. But what greater service to self is there but to look deeper inside and confront the

shadow self? The dark parts, the socially unacceptable parts? The wounded child? The
judgmental, insecure, unworthy parts of self-built up over a lifetime? Initially, I struggled. I
had such resistance to change, to break open the wounds that held me back. Week after
week, I delved into the wounded child, the unwanted and unseen parts of myself, the
abandonment issues, the feelings of unworthiness, the feelings I was less than. In the
resistance of change, my comfort blanket, the walls I put up to defend my broken self, I
found a soul who was seen, heard, comforted, allowed to be my true self. It was hard. It was
challenging. It was uplifting. It was powerful. I opened myself to vulnerability, unresolved
pain and my own humility and I found peace, acceptance, and forgiveness. I found myself,
my real wise self, under all the baggage. Resistance to change is natural. Fighting the
resistance to change is a choice. I am so glad and so thankful I made that choice. I have
more understanding, acceptance and love for myself and the most influential people in my
life than I could ever have hoped for. In finding, nurturing, and healing my deepest wounds,
I have found acceptance and peace. I understand better my path in life and the people who
were my biggest challenges were my biggest teachers. Thank you, Lisa, Taku and Camille.