“This work has been everything to me. It’s has completely changed my life. I was unhappy in my life and this dissatisfaction with myself often manifested in the negative way I treated myself and others around me. Doing this course has given me the experiences and tools to learn what it means to be truly accountable for oneself and for others. This work has a no-nonsense, practical and achievable approach that creates permanent change. I’ve tried many different ways and read many different texts on self-development and spirituality in an effort to resolve the unhappiness in my life. Some of them worked temporarily, some did not work at all. THIS IS THE ONLY WORK THAT HAS PERMANENTLY SHIFTED MY AWARENESS. I’ve learned to build a strong foundation of living in a compassionate yet strong and authentic way that will guide and inform my journey through the rest of my life. This course has not magically made my inner struggles disappear. I still struggle. But I now know who and what I’m struggling for, and that is everything to me.

Having a group of like-minded individuals around me that not only support me but also provide an opportunity for me to support them is both a privilege and a gift. Being there for others whole having others be there for me, to witness others struggles and to be witnessed in my own struggles is most certainly a daunting, nerve-wracking experience. But it has taught me to run into struggle and not away from it. When we do this, beautiful things happen. Life changes here.”