“What a precious incredible gift to walk this path with Awareness Work. I feel so in awe, grateful, loved and seen.”

It is not possible to express in words all that each of us in the group has walked through and accomplished… I have never come across anything that would be even close to so much healing, all of us held with love, compassion, tenderness, warmth and safety. The world has not changed much during those 6 months, but our world and how we see, feel and love has changed profoundly for all of us.

From that fragile flower, anxious, small and unseen, I feel I have bloomed into something beautiful, unique, powerful and of immense value, strangely what I have always been but never really owned…I walk with a quiet comfort, pride and knowing. I feel touched by the new perspective where old ways of coping have been replaced by new ways of being with. There is a sense of deep peace, choice, discernment, trust, intuition and connection. I realize now how lonely I had felt at the beginning of the course, not because I would not have beautiful friendships and love in my life, but because I so craved finding myself…now, I look back and I feel “wow” – that feeling of loneliness feels so unknown and unfamiliar as I stand so strong and certain in who I am.