“lisa’s work is sophisticated and deep, it supports me to move through deep and old stuff quickly and efficiently leaving me feeling clear, courageous and connected to myself and those around me. I’m deeply honored to work with lisa’s attuned skills and techniques.”


“Lisa has enabled me to get myself stable and on a clear track to living a very fruitful, connected and aware life.I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for many many years and got to a point where I was completely wiped, stuck and just couldn’t go on the way I was and needed help. I was done. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would just be that way forever and that I was really at the bottom with no hope. I am now so thrilled and relieved to say I am no longer trapped under the heavy blanket of depression and desperate fear.
Lisa is incredibly gifted and supportive and through our conversations and the tools she has shown me I am coping and flourishing on a daily basis. When the onset of old habits and feelings appear I am able to move through them quickly and then continue on with the life I wish to lead. I am no longer fearful of the day to day and am able to cope with many situations that would have thrown me over the edge in the past. Her approach is nurturing, deeply insightful and works from a place of truthfulness and knowledge to shift perspective so you can become more solid in your self.
I am incredibly grateful to lisa as I know I would still be stuck if I hadn’t met her. I encourage anyone to seek her help and knowledge if they are feeling lost and vulnerable in their life.’ “


“I absolutely love the person Lisa is and the way she operates. She was there for me and helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life. When I needed someone with conviction, deep clarity and a bold desire to help me bust down some longheld personal barriers, Lisa was with me every step of the way. I cannot thank her enough! You will never regret spending time with this amazing lady.”


“Lisa has been a tremendous help to me towards understanding myself, and others. I’ve seen a difference in my life, and an easier, more confident way to exist and trust myself. Her gentle and caring nature is full of respect and peace, and she has the gift of being able to share this.”


“Awareness work has transformed my life. Before working with Lisa I had been trying to ‘fix’ myself for years, through reading ‘self-help’ books, meditating, and various forms of natural therapy. While all of these things were beneficial, I was finding that while I would often feel better for a little while, the same blocks and patterns would come up again and again leave me feeling powerless to be able to move my life in the direction I desired.
Since beginning work with Lisa last year, I have been able to shift some really deep core beliefs and create lasting changes in my life. This has had a flow on effect into all areas of my life and has dramatically improved my relationships, my health, my career and my finances, but most importantly my inner sense of self worth and clarity about who I am and my path forward. The crippling anxiety and lack of self confidence I used to feel on a daily basis only surfaces occasionally and I now have the tools to move through these feelings quickly when they do arise. I experience so much more joy on a daily basis, and feel like I am finally free to move torwards my potential and create a life that feels true to me. I am eternally grateful for Lisa and the work she does in the world.”


“Working with Lisa has been a mind blown game changer for me. She has opened my eyes to simplicity and realness; a beyond effective and easeful way of being. I was someone who thought I was doing the ‘work’. I hadn’t mastered it by any means but I felt I was doing ok in it; willing to look at my confronts and dive in. But I was in a spin of processing and had taken on many New Age philosophies that were controlling me and keeping me contained. Lisa saw me immediately and her work completely turned everything on its head in the most freeing and expansive way. I had worked with another psychotherapist for two years prior to coming to Lisa, and what she did for me across two sessions was almost more powerful than those two years had been, as they had kept me in a behaviour of processing that wasn’t freeing me. Lisa’s awareness and way of working is the way forward. The space she holds cuts through the bullshit and I find myself in awe everytime. Lisa has challenged me and kept me safe, simultaneously, which I am beyond grateful for and now find myself craving as it brings more and more growth, each time. I can’t thank Lisa enough for her wisdom, care, knowing and profound awareness. Her willingness to do her work, so we can do our work, is second to none! And because of that, I am breathing, fully, again.”


“I have been seeing Lisa for two years. The quiet power in Lisa’s work happens without me realising at the time. I look back and see how much I have transformed – in my levels of daily contentment, in my relationships, in the way I now embrace facing challenges as doorways to further growth. I have softened and let the world see more of me, I have settled into a more accepting and peaceful place with myself and others. Lisa has a way of knowing just where to place attention in order to reveal the next stage of my growth towards more power and love. The process is spacious and co-driven. It has at times been confronting and challenging. One of the greatest things about this work is that I have the tools at my fingertips and in my awareness in any situation I face, to continue practising and growing and to facilitate transformation. I highly recommend this work to anyone wanting to begin deep and wonderful changes in their life.”


“Lisa is an exceptional person and an exceptional therapist. She is a warm and clear person, with a steadfast wisdom that has seen me through great challenges. Seeing Lisa has enabled me to come through difficulties completely intact and with greater awareness, understanding, immense happiness, freedom and my connection to people enhanced. This is what makes her unique, and a very special practitioner. Lisa is dedicated to true and ultimate healing. Her work has also allowed me to see the nature of difficulties very clearly, allowing me to be free and giving my best in every part of life. Seeing Lisa has shaped my personal and professional life immensely. It has been one of the greatest blessing working with her, and I highly highly recommend her to you.”


“Lisa is a phenomenal counsellor. I am lucky enough to have been supported by Lisa’s skill for over a decade. She offers insight and support that is outside the mainstream knowledge, which I believe is crucial to freeing emotions and the mind. Her support, insight and gentle but direct wisdom has enabled me to move forward in many areas where I have felt stuck, distressed and completely overwhelmed. The changes I’ve experienced from Lisa’s help are not fleeting but have stayed with me and supported me to be in a very stable way, where I have greater awareness, power and ability to be myself in both my personal and professional life. If you are looking to make real and deep change and are sick of going around in circles, work with Lisa!”


“Making the decision to see Lisa has been LIFE CHANGING for me…I feel like I have taken one step in my whole life, trying many different healing modalities…and a marathon in just a few sessions with Lisa. It’s hard to put into words but this work feels like THE TRUTH!”


“I left sessions with Lisa feeling an increase in both freedom and personal power. Her Awareness Work provided a way for me to see and experience that my true self was separate from my problems. This made it easier to solve my issues and to have more time and energy to focus on creating an impassioned life. My ability to enjoy people, work and be in the world is greatly enhanced.”


“Working with Lisa has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. Not only did I learn to look at myself from a whole other perspective, but also the world around me and how I am in it. To sum up all the learning and exploration she has guided me through so far in one word I would say ‘Awareness’.
Lisa is kind, considerate, firm and fair. She is encouraging, supportive and above all, loving and invested. Readily willing and ultimately committed to helping you be the best you can and giving you the day-to-day tools to do so. A rare and at times confronting experience, still one I consider to be the most memorable and formative of my adult life.”


“I have been working with Lisa for over 10 years and she has been fantastic in helping me shape my life. Lisa’s ability to see my potential helps me to be stable and successful. She gives me hope and helps me to centre myself.”


“Lisa is an amazing therapist who has a natural ability to create a gentle, safe and sacred space for self-healing to take place. Through her patient and loving guidance I have been achieving freedom from life-long, deep trauma.”


“Lisa Darveniza is a very rare breed of human being. She is tireless in her vision for freedom for people. She is unrivalled in her incredibly sharp vision of freedom and love, and her vision is sharper still on everything that freedom is not. In a world of pseudo care and saturation of ‘healing’ modalities, Lisa’s work is powerful, safe and with immediate results. Like truth, her work is simple. It is founded on the very rare and yet ultra powerful phenomenon of having someone actually listen to you. I could not recommend her highly enough. Returning a person to their rightful state of clarity and certainty, her work is a true breath of fresh air and very much needed in these times. Lisa is a dear friend to me, but she is also a mentor, and I continue to learn from her and from her clear view. I would recommend anyone I know to spend some valuable time with Lisa Darveniza.”


“Lisa is an exceptional and singular therapist. After only two sessions things have started to shift. In our first session I am struck by the stillness that Lisa maintains. It feels steady and grounded. I find myself enveloped within a gaze that is clear and quiet – I find the ramblings of my exhausted-needy state begin to settle – I find myself willing to listen into a place of personal clarity that has eluded me for too long. Lisa ‘s receptivity and strength is gently provocative. After our second session I am seeking integrity. I feel prompted to follow up with the kind of action that validates my subjective distress, just as it requires me to seek out those whispers of possibility that lead me out of it.”


“I have been working with Lisa through Awareness Work and the first thing I can say is trust. It can be difficult to open up truths to yourself, let alone in front of someone else. Lisa I can genuinely say, is one person who has such experience, depth, knowledge and heart, that it rekindles something inside… a hope, a dream, a whisper… A beginning of something that you may have thought ended a long time ago…

Through Awareness work I have found it is never too late to live your life, never too late to love again and never too late to dream. Lisa supported me through some hard times where I found a strength in myself I thought I had lost.

What I also feel with Lisa, is that she supports you to reach your full potential and effectiveness. This could mean you only need one session to start seeing changes. Lisa is in the business of empowering people. If you are ready to change things, I would highly recommend seeing Lisa.”


“I found the gradual process of going down into the deepest part of myself both challenging and scary. Lisa was the ultimate guide. She helped me overcome lifelong traumas that had been impacting my relationships for decades. The big breakthrough came on the last session and it is a moment I will cherish forever. It’s the moment I let go of old stories and ways of being. I am free now and able to live and love with an open soft heart again.”


“Lisa has helped me discover and overcome very important issues to me that I wouldn’t have seen without her sessions. Sometimes all I had to say were a couple of words and she knew exactly what was going on. Her intuition, kind heart and nurturing energy made it easy for me to share with her anything I needed to say. I’m extremely grateful for Lisa’s guidance and I encourage anyone to ask for her help if need be. Thank you Lisa!”


“Since working with Lisa I have been able to experience the simple truth and beauty of who I am on a much more consistent basis. With her guidance and support, Lisa has helped me to recognize, explore, challenge and shift some very old belief systems which were causing me pain, anxiety, fear and self doubt. This has led me to feel more grounded, free and at peace within myself.

Lisa is a wise, kind, committed, respectful and ever present teacher whom I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with. Highly recommended!”


“Words alone cannot express the intense gratitude I feel for Lisa and the profound shifts that have occurred in my life since I began working with her.

Over 20 years of conventional ‘therapy’ with psychologists, social workers and counselors haven’t initiated the unraveling of my issues the way Lisa’s work has in 8 months.

I feel that I am finally sorting through and healing issues that have been with me my entire life.

These shifts are saving my marriage, improving my relationships with my boys, my former husband and his wife, family, friends, workmates and strangers.

Improving my ability to see and fulfill my life purpose. Literally improving my financial situation and most importantly for the first time in my life giving me hope for my future and the sense that I am loved, loveable and not broken irreparably.

Awareness work is real and happens on a deep level. Providing insights and profound change.

With Lisa always striving to uncover your true, pure, beautiful nature you will at times be challenged by her strong guidance and unyielding honesty. But it’s worth accepting the challenge and trusting that Lisa will lovingly guide you to a better place. Really. Nothing has ever helped me before.

Thank you and bless you Lisa from the depths of my soul.”


“I have found Lisa’s work to be deeply healing and transformative. She enables a safe space for radical and lasting change to occur. In her workshops I have been able to find freedom and release around issues that have troubled me for much of my life.”


“Lisa holds a firm but loving space and is highly intuitive. She has helped me see and feel through some very deep hidden childhood traumas, guiding me gently when I need it, and offering firm truth when I can’t see through my pain. I love that i never once felt like I was being studied or analysed, or that there was something to fix. This made me feel a safety that i hadn’t felt before and it took a few sessions to really open and get to the root of things. My partner and I both do sessions with Lisa and our relationship has reached a totally new level of communication and awareness.
My time with Lisa has been invaluable and I’ll recommend her for a very very long time. I now see that I didn’t have to do it alone. I feel comfort knowing Awareness work exists.”


“Working with Lisa has finally meant that I feel calm, in my soul. Im not wrestling everyday with rage, hurt, anxiety and fear like I have most of my life. I feel peace, hope and incredible pride in what Ive achieved so far and how far I can grow in my future.
Thank you so much.”


“The 6 Month Course was everything I needed to take my personal and professional life as a counsellor, to the next level. The holistic approach and concepts handed to me are things I can use in every area of my life. Something I loved about the course, that other courses lack, is the embodied implementation and integration of the concepts and training. This really locked it all in for me, instead of just understanding it from my head I got to put concepts into action every week and therefore take them out into all areas of my life. Lisa never gives you anything you can’t handle but pushes you to your edge, which I found to be really helpful. Being in a space with other participants was very refreshing as I found that although each one of us are at different levels and have different lives, we all relate to each other’s personal difficulties and wins. This created a deep sense of belonging and connection that can be hard to come by. Overall, I would recommend anyone to this course who is ready to expand all areas of their life, inner and outer, and make lasting change and empowerment.”


“The 6 Month ‘Stabilising in the Self’ Course has deepened my ability to move towards feelings of discomfort and to see the ways in which my personal baggage plays out in my daily life. Having these realisations and the support to navigate this discomfort has lead me to a much deeper, more sincere way of expressing myself and connecting to others. Lisa’s ability to create a safe space for her participants to ‘climb the mountain’ of personal growth is second to none. Although sometimes confronting, working therapeutically in a group setting has allowed me to find greater ease in letting myself be seen and supported on this sometimes challenging but very rewarding inner journey. I would highly, highly recommend this program for anyone willing to play all-in and curious to explore their personal potential.”


“The 6 Month Course has been so freeing for me. I have gained and let go within the same breath – obviously that’s what growth is, we always gain something better every time we let go of what we don’t need, but the feeling in this course is immediate in that respect. The way Lisa has run the 6 months is nothing short of brilliant. The concepts delivered were concepts that I was so hungry for, but had never heard them in this way and now feel so grateful to be able to continually practice and speak into them. The format and the timing of how things were shared were incredible. Lisa is a true mastermind behind understanding what the human psyche needs to touch into real feeling, embracing all that is there so that it can truly resolve and free up allowing you to come home to the stabilised Self. I don’t know any other modality or course structure that could achieve this. Awareness Work and the depth of a group working as one machine has enabled something I’ve never felt before. It’s confronting, challenging, exciting, terrifying, connecting, awe inspiring, simple, pure, exposing and beyond expansive. I am creating more than I ever have, stepping into purpose with an ease I’ve never accessed before. There is more time, more love, more space. My Self is completely present and I actually like who I am for the first time in my life. It’s truly the best thing you can say yes to.”


“Deciding to join Lisa and commit to the 6 Month Course has been a life changing experience for me.

It feels like I can see clearly again. Although my outer world is full of challenges, my inner perspective has changed dramatically. Being held in such a safe and loving container, and having the consistency of weekly meetings has given me the opportunity to dive deep into myself and recognise where I have been stuck, not taking responsibility for my life. My life feels so much more aligned, the challenges feel like lessons of growth and initiations. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity for receiving knowledge and tools for life!

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for real and lasting change in their life.”


“This work has been everything to me. It’s has completely changed my life. I was unhappy in my life and this dissatisfaction with myself often manifested in the negative way I treated myself and others around me. Doing this course has given me the experiences and tools to learn what it means to be truly accountable for oneself and for others. This work has a no-nonsense, practical and achievable approach that creates permanent change. I’ve tried many different ways and read many different texts on self-development and spirituality in an effort to resolve the unhappiness in my life. Some of them worked temporarily, some did not work at all. THIS IS THE ONLY WORK THAT HAS PERMANENTLY SHIFTED MY AWARENESS. I’ve learned to build a strong foundation of living in a compassionate yet strong and authentic way that will guide and inform my journey through the rest of my life. This course has not magically made my inner struggles disappear. I still struggle. But I now know who and what I’m struggling for, and that is everything to me.

Having a group of like-minded individuals around me that not only support me but also provide an opportunity for me to support them is both a privilege and a gift. Being there for others whole having others be there for me, to witness others struggles and to be witnessed in my own struggles is most certainly a daunting, nerve-wracking experience. But it has taught me to run into struggle and not away from it. When we do this, beautiful things happen. Life changes here.”


“In the holistic therapeutic model we regard inner
work and the processing of old emotion and
dysfunctional behaviours as a necessary and vital stage
of development. If you can dedicate time to doing this
inner work (preferably with a trusted guide), you will
enter into a stability and maturity that is totally
inaccessible to those who have not completed this
stage of development.The later stages of mature development centre around
your innate and deeply fulfilling contribution to

– Lisa Darveniza