“The 6 Month Course was everything I needed to take my personal and professional life as a counsellor, to the next level. The holistic approach and concepts handed to me are things I can use in every area of my life. Something I loved about the course, that other courses lack, is the embodied implementation and integration of the concepts and training. This really locked it all in for me, instead of just understanding it from my head I got to put concepts into action every week and therefore take them out into all areas of my life. Lisa never gives you anything you can’t handle but pushes you to your edge, which I found to be really helpful. Being in a space with other participants was very refreshing as I found that although each one of us are at different levels and have different lives, we all relate to each other’s personal difficulties and wins. This created a deep sense of belonging and connection that can be hard to come by. Overall, I would recommend anyone to this course who is ready to expand all areas of their life, inner and outer, and make lasting change and empowerment.”


“The 6 Month ‘Stabilising in the Self’ Course has deepened my ability to move towards feelings of discomfort and to see the ways in which my personal baggage plays out in my daily life. Having these realisations and the support to navigate this discomfort has lead me to a much deeper, more sincere way of expressing myself and connecting to others. Lisa’s ability to create a safe space for her participants to ‘climb the mountain’ of personal growth is second to none. Although sometimes confronting, working therapeutically in a group setting has allowed me to find greater ease in letting myself be seen and supported on this sometimes challenging but very rewarding inner journey. I would highly, highly recommend this program for anyone willing to play all-in and curious to explore their personal potential.”


“The 6 Month Course has been so freeing for me. I have gained and let go within the same breath – obviously that’s what growth is, we always gain something better every time we let go of what we don’t need, but the feeling in this course is immediate in that respect. The way Lisa has run the 6 months is nothing short of brilliant. The concepts delivered were concepts that I was so hungry for, but had never heard them in this way and now feel so grateful to be able to continually practice and speak into them. The format and the timing of how things were shared were incredible. Lisa is a true mastermind behind understanding what the human psyche needs to touch into real feeling, embracing all that is there so that it can truly resolve and free up allowing you to come home to the stabilised Self. I don’t know any other modality or course structure that could achieve this. Awareness Work and the depth of a group working as one machine has enabled something I’ve never felt before. It’s confronting, challenging, exciting, terrifying, connecting, awe inspiring, simple, pure, exposing and beyond expansive. I am creating more than I ever have, stepping into purpose with an ease I’ve never accessed before. There is more time, more love, more space. My Self is completely present and I actually like who I am for the first time in my life. It’s truly the best thing you can say yes to.”


“Deciding to join Lisa and commit to the 6 Month Course has been a life changing experience for me.

It feels like I can see clearly again. Although my outer world is full of challenges, my inner perspective has changed dramatically. Being held in such a safe and loving container, and having the consistency of weekly meetings has given me the opportunity to dive deep into myself and recognise where I have been stuck, not taking responsibility for my life. My life feels so much more aligned, the challenges feel like lessons of growth and initiations. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity for receiving knowledge and tools for life!

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for real and lasting change in their life.”


“This work has been everything to me. It’s has completely changed my life. I was unhappy in my life and this dissatisfaction with myself often manifested in the negative way I treated myself and others around me. Doing this course has given me the experiences and tools to learn what it means to be truly accountable for oneself and for others. This work has a no-nonsense, practical and achievable approach that creates permanent change. I’ve tried many different ways and read many different texts on self-development and spirituality in an effort to resolve the unhappiness in my life. Some of them worked temporarily, some did not work at all. THIS IS THE ONLY WORK THAT HAS PERMANENTLY SHIFTED MY AWARENESS. I’ve learned to build a strong foundation of living in a compassionate yet strong and authentic way that will guide and inform my journey through the rest of my life. This course has not magically made my inner struggles disappear. I still struggle. But I now know who and what I’m struggling for, and that is everything to me.

Having a group of like-minded individuals around me that not only support me but also provide an opportunity for me to support them is both a privilege and a gift. Being there for others whole having others be there for me, to witness others struggles and to be witnessed in my own struggles is most certainly a daunting, nerve-wracking experience. But it has taught me to run into struggle and not away from it. When we do this, beautiful things happen. Life changes here.”


“In the holistic therapeutic model we regard inner
work and the processing of old emotion and
dysfunctional behaviours as a necessary and vital stage
of development. If you can dedicate time to doing this
inner work (preferably with a trusted guide), you will
enter into a stability and maturity that is totally
inaccessible to those who have not completed this
stage of development.The later stages of mature development centre around
your innate and deeply fulfilling contribution to

– Lisa Darveniza