Stabilising in the Self ~

The 6 Month Course

A powerful therapeutic program.

Imagine being supported therapeutically week by week, to finally discover the exact barriers that hold you back in life, so that you can permanently shift towards more personal empowerment and a positive life experience.

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Meet the Teacher and Founder

Lisa Darveniza


This very successful program was developed by acclaimed psychotherapist, growth work teacher and founder of Awareness Work, Lisa Darveniza, who spent 25 years investigating and clinically trialling the best methods and theories to help clients move beyond habitual personal difficulties, trauma and limitation.

Lisa spent 10 years on a global pilgrimage where she apprenticed to the best growth work teachers available from Western, Eastern and indigenous paradigms. Lisa holds a Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy and weaves together her academic study, hands-on training and clinical experience with hundreds of clients. Lisa compassionately support groups in a deep, progressive and gentle transformational program.

ALL the participants who have undertaken the program have achieved and exceeded the specific life changes they were looking for.


Your path to permanent change

All of the teaching, processes and supports you will need to walk your way out of long-term personal suffering to stabilise in a more positive experience of life.


The modern world is in a state of extreme global transition whereby traditional cultural supports have fragmented. Not only are we suffering from individual problems and trauma at unprecedented levels, we commonly hold cultural and familial (inter-generational) stress that makes true resolution of our problems and self-understanding, harder and harder to find.

Unfortunately, much personal development and many therapies fail to shift these issues permanently. Instead they give short lived solutions and only temporary results. Can you relate?

The “Stabilising in the Self” program offers you the opportunity to move towards a higher state of being, more aligned with who you are.


If you are consistently unstable, anxious, numb or overwhelmed by life…

you aren’t alone. So many people are unsatisfied, tired and have tried everything but keep falling into the same dysfunctional patterns.

The truth is, most people struggle to navigate life in a fulfilling and productive way and wonder…

  • How do I overcome anxiety and depression?
  • How do I find my purpose?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • Why haven’t I attracted the right life partner?
  • Where do I belong?
  • How do I trust my Self?
  • Why have other attempts at change not worked?

These questions are deeply important, yet when it comes to overcoming challenges, you’re expected to go it alone or try the same old methods

Lisa Darveniza has designed this comprehensive and effective program to provide all the teaching, processes and support you will need to walk your way, step-by-gentle-step, out of long-term personal suffering. You will stabilise in a more positive experience of Self and experience a life that truly reflects your values and goals.

We are meant to be having a fulfilling life experience!

Why stay in habitual suffering when you could spend 6 months receiving the targeted, holistic therapeutic learning that took Lisa over 25 years to discover and synthesise-and have the opportunity to move beyond these issues permanently.


What you will learn in this transformational program.

  • How to release and process core trauma, upsets and relationship problems to become freer and happier.

  • How to hold space for yourself and others in all situations, so that you feel empowered.

  • How to contact and connect with your basic goodness.

  • The difference between your problems and your Self and how to increasingly anchor into the Self.

  • How to improve ALL relationships.

  • How to stop inter-generational trauma from being passed on.

  • How to connect with your unique passions, purpose and contribution.

  • The importance of boundaries and how to hold them, for your increasing well-being.

  • The beauty and power of the Self and what it is capable of.

  • How to listen to the somatic cues of the body to navigate life more ease-fully.

  • How to develop deep self-trust.

  • Understand the individual barriers you have that stop you flowing and enjoying life.

  • The importance of self-care and how to establish a nourishing self-care routine.

  • The depletion and fragmentation that has occurred in Western culture in recent human history and how that affects the individual.

  • How to move out of a victim position for more peace and empowerment.

  • The inter-connectedness of Life and how to view Life from a holistic perspective for your expansion and empowerment.

  • The supports that Nature and life are to each of us and how we can cultivate a personal relationship with Life’s intelligence to truly thrive.

  • How to create a growth mindset so that problems are seen as challenges and resilience is built versus accumulating more suffering.

  • How to navigate through common types of dysfunction like social anxiety, anxiety, depression, confusion, low self-esteem, vengeance and powerlessness.

  • How to successfully navigate other’s emotional immaturity and dysfunction so that other people’s issues affect you less.

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What you get

Group Work

  • A weekly 2-hour LIVE Zoom session facilitated by Lisa Darveniza and her team.
  • Over 26 consecutive weeks of life changing content.
  • Deep integration of learning through intimate work groups (break-out rooms).

Individual/Partner Support

  • A 15-minute individual phone session every 2nd week to breakthrough emerging barriers.
  • Up to 30 hours of supervised partner work outside of Zoom times, for dismantling of core barriers.
  • Deep, life-long connections.


  • Weekly homework practice to integrate learning.
  • Awareness Work Telegram channel for additional content and ongoing group communication.
  • Powerful guest facilitators sharing specific expertise.

What our graduates say about

Stabilising in the Self

“The 6 month course is a truly unique experience and the greatest gift I have ever given myself.”

It has been the most important work of my lifetime and my motherhood and at the same time feels like just the beginning. It has left me feeling centred, connected, empowered and hopeful in a way that I have never experienced.

Lisa is a gifted therapist and guide. Her wisdom, intuition and insight is boundless. The space held by Lisa, her incredible team of facilitators and guest presenters (Nicki, Will, Sam and Camille) and my fellow course participants was safe, steadfast, grounded and full of warmth, support and love. The journey we undertook together was exquisitely crafted to continually challenge and stretch us to the next level, but never in a way that felt unsafe, and always with the energy of the facilitators and the group holding us, and at just the right moment, propelling us forward.


“It is hard to put such a life changing experience into words. This course was not only about what I gained, but more importantly what I let go.”

I see myself for who I am for the first time in my life. And through seeing myself I see others for they truly are. The deep beautiful Self shines through. This course has set me free. It’s given me a new look on life and a deeper understanding of myself.

It’s allowed me to become aware of so much negative energy that had become normal to me. Breaking the shackles of my own mind and stepping into a new place of love, acceptance and understanding. It’s challenged me, but supported me at every slip on the way up. This has been the most incredible journey of my life. This has truly changed who I am as a person and how I view the world. A new understanding for what is possible in life.



“This work has been everything to me. It’s has completely changed my life.”

“I was unhappy in my life and this dissatisfaction with myself often manifested in the negative way I treated myself and others around me. Doing this course has given me the experiences and tools to learn what it means to be truly accountable for oneself and for others. This work has a no-nonsense, practical and achievable approach that creates permanent change.

I’ve tried many different ways and read many different texts on self-development and spirituality in an effort to resolve the unhappiness in my life. Some of them worked temporarily, some did not work at all. THIS IS THE ONLY WORK THAT HAS PERMANENTLY SHIFTED MY AWARENESS.”



Course Pre-requisites.

You are ready for life change.

You are willing to prioritise the program for its duration.

You are committed to completing all aspects of the program.

You want to support others in their process and learn how to do this.

You have the maturity to take responsibility for your own process.

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6 Month Course

Starting February 2023

“Every great move forward in life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.”

– Brian Tracy

We have a simple application process to determine and ensure your alignment with the program. Fill out the application form and you will be contacted to arrange a 10 minute discovery phone call.

Once you have spoken with a team member on a discovery call we will confirm your suitability with the program. You will then be directed to enrol into the program. A non-refundable deposit will secure your place for the February start.

November 7th 2022

This can be discussed in the discovery call.

Yes, we have a monthly payment plan option.

The course starts in February 2023.

  • You will need 2 hrs for the live online zoom group.
  • You will need between 1 and 3 hours for weekly partner work via telephone. These times will be arranged between you and your allocated partner.
  • You will also need a little time for reading and simple homework practice.
  • Approx. 3-5 hours per week in total.

There is a 2 week break between term 1 (12 weeks) and term 2 (12 weeks)

This is normal. Everyone feels that way at first and soon realises how effective a group environment is to normalise our problems and create deep support of each other. This aspect is what makes the healing so powerful! Everyone is supported to build trust and confidence at their own pace.

All participants must agree to strict confidentiality to participate in the program.

You will be asked to do some recommended reading. You will also prepare a list of the changes you want to make in your life. This list will guide your change throughout the program. We will give you more instructions for this after you enrol.

Generally, heading towards old difficulties is liberating and stabilising. Suppressing old upsets is more difficult than working through them! This is one of the learnings you will understand during the program.

This program is particularly targeted at those with a passion and some experience with inner work and therapy. Because it uses universal concepts, all levels of awareness benefit from this program.

This program has been created to support individuals in their own deep therapeutic process. Many of our participants work in the helping professions. Undergoing their own deep process through the 6 Month program powerfully enhances their work with their clients. Most graduate programs do not cater to the therapist’s personal process. This program has been created to fill that gap and support practitioners in their own deep process.

This program is right for you if you are ready to make changes in your life and develop more self awareness and understanding. We will help ensure your suitability during your discovery call. Many of our participants have never done any work before the program and have loved the program and made wonderful, lasting changes.

“The 6 Month Course was everything I needed to take my personal and professional life as a counsellor, to the next level. “

The holistic approach and concepts handed to me are things I can use in every area of my life. Something I loved about the course, that other courses lack, is the embodied implementation and integration of the concepts and training. This really locked it all in for me, instead of just understanding it from my head I got to put concepts into action every week and therefore take them out into all areas of my life. Lisa never gives you anything you can’t handle but pushes you to your edge, which I found to be really helpful.



“I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for real and lasting change in their life.”

“It feels like I can see clearly again. Although my outer world is full of challenges, my inner perspective has changed dramatically. Being held in such a safe and loving container, and having the consistency of weekly meetings has given me the opportunity to dive deep into myself and recognise where I have been stuck, not taking responsibility for my life. My life feels so much more aligned, the challenges feel like lessons of growth and initiations. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity for receiving knowledge and tools for life!”



“I now know how to stand in my truth, I know the importance of feeling into my feelings, I have a stronger sense of worthiness and know the true meaning of discernment.”

During the 6 month course I got to know myself more fully and deeply. I was held in a safe container that allowed me to settle in and listen to what was going on inside for me. That alone allowed me to open up, explore, feel into, share and express what is true for me. I gained confidence, an unwavering voice, a deep connection to Self, new awareness and appreciation for me and everyone around me. I explored the depths of my internal ocean with the new learning of concepts we navigated through — together. The support from Lisa and Will, the Group and from my partner Annie allowed me to experience the full gamut of emotions whilst feeling deeply supported. I now know how to stand in my truth, I know the importance of feeling into my feelings, I have a stronger sense of worthiness and know the true meaning of discernment – all of which I will carry into a new richness of life.