The Process

The Process

Awareness Work combines the teaching of concepts that support deep change, with compassionate communication, to address personal difficulties. These difficulties limit your ability to experience life positively and stem from unresolved upsets, trauma, inter-generational trauma and limiting cultural mis-information. Awareness Work helps you to deconstruct and resolve your difficulties in a world that is increasingly fractured-both culturally and environmentally. Problems may include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, career issues, family conflict, lack of purpose and more. Working with Awareness Work builds increasing freedom, fulfilment, self-trust and life direction.

Option 1:

Individual Sessions With

An Awareness Work Counsellor

In these sessions, you will go deep into your specific areas of difficulty, with the guidance of your compassionate Awareness Work counsellor. Emotional burdens are released. Powerful change concepts are introduced. Homework practice is given to help solidify the change. The number and frequency of sessions needed will be discussed with your counsellor, based on your individual needs and counselling goals.

Option 2:

The 6 Month Online Course

‘Stabilising In The Self’

The 6 Month Online Course is for those clients who resonate deeply with the Awareness Work concepts, and are committed and passionate about inner work. This course is facilitated by Lisa Darveniza and covers the Awareness Work concepts at a whole new depth, plus introducing many more perspectives designed to powerfully shift you towards personal empowerment. The supportive environment of the group accelerates the change process as deep connections are made with like-minded peers. This is often described as a life-changing experience.

Enrolments open in October 2021

6 Month Course Stabilising in the Self’ starting February 2022

•Weekly 2hr Zoom sessions

•The course is facilitated by Awareness Work founder, Lisa Darveniza.

•A new concept is presented each week

•The course groups are limited to small numbers of up to 12 participants

•Receive individual short sessions fortnightly

•Up to 30hrs of partner work is undertaken outside of the group time

•Psychotherapeutic and growth work principles are used to guide the group

•Deep connections are made.

•This is a life changing experience with the over riding goal being a much stronger connection with your Self.

Spaces are very limited for this course because it is All Live-with no pre-recorded material.

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we look forward to working with you.

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Watch the powerful testimonial video from past course participants.

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“Transformation and change involve death, dis-orientation and rebirth. Embrace losing direction and feeling lost, to then find your way at a new level.”

– Lisa Darveniza