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Awareness Work sees personal difficulties as part of the growth process and supports you to connect with the learning opportunities contained within your challenges..”

Lisa Darveniza


What Is Awareness Work?


Awareness Work is a powerful style of counselling and psychotherapy created by psychotherapist Lisa Darveniza (Master of Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy). Awareness work is a synthesis of Western, Eastern and holistic therapeutic frameworks.

Lisa deeply investigated human change over a twenty-five year period, immersing herself in different cultures for years at a time, selecting the ideas and techniques that lead most directly to therapeutic change and individual empowerment. These ideas have been tested and refined over fifteen years in private practice in Australia, with many hundreds of clients achieving the changes they were looking for. Lisa continues to work compassionately with individuals and groups online, engaging clients from all over the world.

Lisa and her team of exceptional, qualified counsellors, all trained in traditional counselling and the unique Awareness Work model, guide clients through difficulties towards profound and integrated life changes.

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“Lisa’s work is sophisticated and deep, it supports me to move through deep and old stuff quickly and efficiently leaving me feeling clear, courageous and connected to myself and those around me.”

Emily Rose Yates

Naturapath – Sydney

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“Over a lifetime, upsets and difficulties naturally accumulate, until we begin the process of dismantling these difficulties through inner work. This is done through gentle enquiry with a qualified counsellor, trained in the specific methods that will help you to move beyond these problems to create a life more aligned with your values and vision.”

– Lisa Darveniza